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5/24/21 Update

Hi there! Long time, no talk! It's been a whirlwind getting everything ready for this release, but I'm so excited for Stages of Grief to be out in just 3 days!

I've been doing a lot of interviews leading up to this release, which has made me so happy! It's been amazing to speak to so many incredible people about this EP and to get to open up about my writing process behind the songs. In case you missed any, I'll round them up below!

5/24 - Squared Style Interview

5/22 - I Am Refocused Radio Podcast

5/20 - The Sounds Won't Stop Interview

5/4 - The Ted Show Interview

I can't wait to share this EP with y'all! I'll see you post-release!

Until next time,

xo Rose Starring

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